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It’s a year of firsts and memories for a lot of the esports world. Astralis Group and Team Vitality are both major pioneers, just without the hand carts, and Telemundo is making figurative waves on the airwaves. Read more below.

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1/IPO is a first for esports and for Astralis

Astralis Group is, like many of its competitors, a pioneer of the esports world. They have showcased this yet again with a recent announcement. It was the announcement of esports first-ever IPO

The IPO, which means initial public offering, will take place on December 9th and will give players and sponsors the chance to own a part of the team. Essentially, the plan is like buying a stock in the team, giving people and businesses a chance to be a part of the team in some small way.  It doesn’t mean you’ll get to make any decisions, though.

The move is being done to raise millions of dollars to help fund the team, and shares are being sold at a reasonable price of less than $10. It seems that this change and chance is already capturing some attention with Astralis already saying that they have about $8 million in pre-commitments!

2/PUBG gets a new mobile tourney

PUBG was one of the first battle royale games out there. PUBG Mobile was one of the first mobile games of its kind. Now it seems that PUBG is getting another first.

On the last day of the PMCO Global Finals, James Yang, Direct of Esports at Tencent, made an announcement that may rock the mobile gaming world. PUBG will in 2020 be getting a new professional league for mobile. At first, this will only be in four countries, and no, the US is not one of them.  

At the end of the league, the top players will duke it out for a share of $5 million! Make it rain on mobile!

3/Access to esports 24/7 via Telemundo

There is no doubt about the fact that esports is a growing business and as such needs to be able to stretch the digital legs. Many interested parties and companies are finding ways to make that happen. Telemundo Deportes is one of the largest groups that covers esports in only Spanish, and that is about to change.

Telemundo just struck a deal that is going to rock the world of esports. Their deal with ESR is set to bring esports to the screen every day, all day. That much screen time is amazing! It only gets better, though. While Telemundo is known for being in Spanish, this deal also guarantees that the coverage is also going to be in English!

What they cover: They will cover more than 10 different titles, from FIFA to Overwatch.

What to expect: Telemundo will have highlights, live tournaments, reality TV, and more.

What’s really cool about all of this is that this is another first for esports in the United States. This deal could pave the way for an Olympics of sorts for esports.


Image via esportsobserver

/Team Vitality CEO on transparency and financing

Team Vitality has a lot of publicity these days, from being winners to their new facility in Paris. This is not always a bad thing and it all has a purpose, just like the interview that was recently given.

The team is always pushing what it means to be a team, like in other sports, but with a digitally-minded focus, there are a lot of other avenues for money. Nicolas Maurer, came out and explained one of the purposes of their new facility is to help grow esports. The place is “for our fans.”  

As for the salaries of the players, Maurer also commented that he is not opposed to sharing. However, it is unlikely at this point because no one else is doing it, and that sort of transparency only works if everyone does it. He even calls it an “ecosystem,” which is probably a great analogy as it is a very specific balance that needs to be met.

/Other Biz

  •  The state of the industry is of huge interest and the ETF creator has his fingers on the pulse and isn’t afraid to talk about it.
  • There is a new type of gaming facility for esports in Farmington called Nemesis 5 Esports.
  • Warner Bros. developing shows completely based on esports.


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/Gun Usage Stats in CS:GO

If you are a fan of CS:GO, then you’ll know that the Krieg is one of the most popular guns in the game. In fact, it is so popular that many gamers have called for a nerf, as seen in the link attached to our picture, and it seems the devs have heard.

In the most recent ECS season, season 8, use of the gun seems to have dropped off a bit. The reason for this is that the devs nerfed it by way of raising the cost of the gun. Many players do not think this will be enough to curb the use of the powerful gun. However, the last time this happened to a gun, there was a significant drop in popularity.

One thing is for sure, despite what happens in CS:GO, there will probably always be a spot for the AK-47 in many a heart and game.

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/Overwatch League team changes happening for good and bad

You probably will not be surprised that people get a little lazy during the offseason of their chosen sport. While some teams are frantically preparing for the 2020 season, some are making some moves that have others scratching their heads. Overwatch offseason moves are common, but sometimes they appear to not be well thought-out. 

  • The Vancouver Titans dropped two tanks and are hoping to cash in on their new, no-longer-retired player, Baek “Fissure” Chan-hyung. We’re not sure what their plan is, but they are bringing on another veteran support player to help bolster their ranks.
  • Philidelphia Fusion is a team that still has some recruiting to do, and that is a good thing. Instead of signing a back-up, or even a new main tank, as most agree they need, they have signed DPS players. DPS is all fine and dandy, but it is no good unless this team uses their open spots to get some much-needed distraction and protection.
  • Los Angeles Valiant is trying to set up their new season by getting some new talent, but can that talent, like Dreamer and Lastro, prove themselves with the big-leaguers already on the roster? It’s not a bad play if it works.
  • London Spitfire may have taken one too many queues from Valiant. They only kept one player from their old roster and are starting essentially from scratch.

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