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With more than 4,000 tournaments and $211 million in prize pools in 2019 alone, numerous esports teams have found ways to make gaming competitions a profitable source of revenue. Of these numerous events, Dota 2 makes up a large part of this as the highest-paid single game in the world. This comes according to data gathered by

How much: The top 10 esports teams earned $235.5 million worth of prize money by competing in Dota 2 tournaments since the game’s competitive inception. Based on tournament results, player transfers, and other revenue sources, the top-ranking teams all show that Dota 2 brings the highest earnings in the esports world.

Who says so: OG is the leading team in terms of the highest single-game earnings. The team’s Dota 2 roster has competed in 53 tournaments and won $33.4 million so far. Team Liquid ranked second in this regard with $22.6 million in prize money from 85 Dota 2 tournaments. Evil Geniuses took third place with $19.8 million from 109 tournaments.

It also helps to win The International, which is obviously the easiest way to make money.


UK-based organization Misfits Gaming Group has now made known their plans to establish a new training center in Boca Raton, Florida. The facility will span 18,000 square-feet, the organization will receive $200,000 in state and local grants, and Misfits Gaming will spend more than $1.3 million. As a byproduct of the new location, they expect to create more than 30 high-salary jobs.”

The purpose of the facility: The new building is to be used as a training facility for teams under the Misfits Gaming Group. This includes Overwatch team Florida Mayhem and the newly-introduced Call of Duty League team, Florida Mutineers. This location will also serve as a corporate headquarters and base of operations.


YouTube has secured major media rights with both Overwatch League and Call of Duty League, which has provided significant viewership opportunities. On the other hand, Twitch partnered with the NFL for an activation around the Super Bowl. Here’s a quick look at a comparison of peak moments on Twitch and YouTube gaming.

  • The top YouTube channel yielded more peak concurrent viewers than the top Twitch channel. Free Fire Brasil generated 16.2k more viewers than TheGrefg.
  • Esports tournaments attract larger audiences in comparison to influencer events. Six of the top 10 peak channels were from esports and competitive gaming broadcasts.
  • Popular gaming publisher Nintendo’s titles accounted for 30% of the peak events, followed by Epic with 20%.

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The new Mythic League Subscriber Cup Series has been announced exclusive for Mythic League subscribers. This is an opportunity for players to compete in weekly 5v5 CS:GO tournaments.

When it happens: beginning this week, the league will host weekly competitions each Saturday at 5pm EST.

Who it’s for: The Subscriber Cup Series is open to subscribers with FaceIt levels 1-10. The only exception is February 22, which is for levels 1-6 only.

What you get: In addition to having the chance to play some CS:GO, there’s also a prize pool for the month’s series, totaling $1,250. Each player on the winning team also gets to take home that week’s weapon skin.

What is Mythic League: This is a partnered FaceIt hub created by Erik “fl0m” Flom of Mythic Reborn and Team Liquid coach Eric “adreN” Hoag. Players with FaceIt accounts may participate and don’t need a premium subscription. However, all participants must subscribe to the league to access the hub.

Where to sign up: If you’re new to FaceIt, sign up for a free account here. You’ll also need the mandatory anti-cheat. Five-person teams or solo competitors can be registered at the tournament page.


Ben “CaptainPlanet” Trautman, Stats Producer for the Overwatch League, has just announced that the public has access to Stats Lab, a series of tools to help people find in-depth information about the league.
The information you’ll find: The Stats Lab is made up of four categories: Players, Heroes, Matches, and Teamfights. These different categories provide a different focus on the detailed statistics. Any information available is then presented in the form of graphs and tables, which players may filter as needed.

Players: This category is broken down into statistics-based reports such as Match report, Rate Ranks, Career Totals, Single Records, and Fleta Deadlift.

Heroes: The heroes category provides detailed information based on the Overwatch heroes. This includes hero usage rates.

Matches: This category gives information on matches and team records, broken down into sub-categories. These groupings include Match Stats, Game Streaks, Fastest Completion Times, and Team Map Stats.

Teamfights: This category focuses on how teams and heroes performed during a team fight. The sub-categories this consists of include: Teamfight Win Rates, Teamfight Win Rate Comparison, Teamfight Stat Rates, Team First Death Rates, Team First Elimination Rates, Hero First Death Rates, Hero First Elimination Rates, Clutch Final Blows.

These tools may be used by anyone and provide a different way of looking at the Overwatch League. This will give many fans access to in-depth stats about their favorite players, teams, and heroes.


League of Legends: Here’s a preview of the upcoming 10.4 patch, including Soraka nerfs and Blood Moon skins.

Star football player Ahman Green has left the football scene to become a college coach in esports.

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