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There is no question that Escape From Tarkov has taken the world by storm and viewership numbers are here to prove that. Not bad for a game that is still taking preorders. There are a number of widely-recognized streamers who have taken a shining to the game and are gathering an impressive number or viewers in the process. StreamHatchet provides some insights into Tarkov’s viewership and most popular streamers below

H. Watched – The total amount of content consumed associated with a specific game
P. CCV – The max concurrent viewership during a specific game
Avg CCV – The concurrent viewership (active viewers) averaged across a specific game
Airtime – Total broadcast time associated with a specific game


It is easy to speculate that things are in a state of disarray for OWL. But not so, according to Activision Blizzard Esports President & CEO Pete Vlastelica.

The problem: The league has faced quite a bit of criticism due to broadcast talent leaving, lack of new media-rights deal announcements, and the amount of global travel teams are expected to do.

On the contrary: Vlastelica spoke with Sports Business Journal earlier this week to dispute the characterizations being made. He confirmed that a media-rights deal was close and would be announced before the season started. Additionally, early-season events were “tracking really well” in ticket sales and even expected the season opener at Hammerstein Ballroom to sell out the full 2,200 seats.

Why the scrutiny: Quite a few teams have paid eight-figure franchise fees to join the league. Not only are these teams expecting to make a profit, but they expected the league to produce a hefty media-rights deal after the current one with Twitch ended (valued at $45 million annually). In the absence of news, the community has filled in the discussion around OWL, which is why things are less than positive.

If there’s one thing that fans need right now, it’s not calming words. It’s actual announcements.


Ninja has done the impossible. He got a custom skin in Fortnite, making him the first-ever influencer to officially get a dedicated skin in the game. The skin’s resemblance is uncanny, with a yellow headband and blue hair on top of a blue jacked and Ninja logo on the sleeve.

Customization’s the word: The skin comes with numerous customization options, specifically regarding the head. Players can leave his face fully visible or partially covered, or turn his skin into a wraith-like silhouette with glowing eyes. Additional cosmetics include katanas. Plus there’s an in-game “Pon Pon” dance emote to go along with the skin.

More to come: Things aren’t stopping with Ninja. Epic Games also revealed that they’ll be adding other content creators to the game, such as Kathleen “Loserfruit” Belsten and David “TheGrefg” Martinez.

The streamer has now been immortalized. Let’s avoid reaching the point of uploading a person’s consciousness.

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Riot Games just announced an advancement in its deal with Mastercard. The company will now be sponsoring the “LCS Player of the Week Award.”

About the event: This segment airs each Monday night at the conclusion of Monday Night League games. Both casters and other Riot staff members get together and vote to award the award. Players that win will also receive a 3D model of themselves.

Hopefully it’s a flattering model.


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After 38 games that spanned 22 hours, a 58% win rate, and more than 25,000 Mastery Points, Twitch streamer Floodz became the world’s first Mastery seven Sett on Wednesday.
A quick history: This streamer is known for spamming new champions upon release, all with the goal of being the first to hit the coveted Mastery seven marker. Floodz is known for having raced to this accomplishment with Neeko, Senna, and Aphelios, so this was just another victory for the gamer.

Catching up: Since the accomplishment happened, Floodz has been overtaken by at least two players, according to Champion Mastery Lookup. However, when the achievement initially occurred, he had a lead of nearly 10,000 Mastery Points over the runner-up.

We’ve got to ask the question though: Was that grind fun?


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According to a recent report by, Na’Vi may be reconsidering their options with fielding Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovacs for future projects and opportunities. Reasons behind this? He’s failed to show up and can’t keep his top-notch performances consistent.

To be fair: Under the FaZe Clan banner, GuardiaN helped them sweep two quarter final finishes and finished second at the ELEAGUE Boston Major 2018. He then helped lifted the IEM Sydney 2018 title alongside winning the ELEAGUE Invitational 2019.

Failing performance: The 28-year-old hasn’t been showing up to the team’s practice schedules. This comes in addition to his failure to steer the team to the playoffs of the Starladder Berlin Major.

There’s always a bench somewhere that needs warming.


  • League of Legends: Veteran LCS AD carry Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi is stepping away from a pro career to become a full-time streamer, but while still maintaining his ownership of Cloud9.
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Players of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are divided with the announcement of the newest character to the game, Byleth. Many expected something from Nintendo’s games rather than another one from a third-party fighter.

The upset: Based on initial impressions, players view this new addition as a mid-tier pick at best. But this likely has much to do with upset fans wanting someone like Dante or Sora. However, many fans are just happy to have a new character with a unique play style in a game already-full of content.

More content to come: The reveal of Byleth was followed by news that six more DLC fighters will be added to the game via a second volume to the Fighters Pass.

Good luck picking out your character from the myriad choices in fewer than five minutes.


  • Harrisburg University has launched a new esports degree program in partnership with Nerd Street Gamers that students can enroll in as soon as Spring 2020.
  • Nerd Street Gamers has established a partnership with high school esports platform PlayVS, which allows them to act as the broadcast partner for the 2020 PlayVS High School Esports Championships.

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