Forbes released their 30 under 30 list of video gamers. Everyone else that didn’t make the list is just a regular gamer. Read more below.

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1/NickEh30, SonixFox, and Ewok headline Forbes’ 30 under 30 2020 gaming lineup

Forbes publishes several lists every year that cover 20 industries and highlights the top 30 people under 30 years old. They’ve now officially introduced their lineup for gaming.

Who picks ’em: A panel of four judges picked the top personalities in gaming for the year and consist of the following individuals:

  • Stephanie Bush, founder and CEO at IndieCade
  • Matt Booty, corporate vice president at Xbox Game Studios
  • Jason Rubin, vice president special gaming initiatives at Facebook
  • Aileena Xu, president of esports at TSM

Who got picked: Of the 30 personalities selected, three stood out most. They are:

  • NickEh30, who first began streaming exclusively on YouTube in 2019 (though he switched to Twitch in August) and focuses solely on Fortnite. He is known for family-friendly content and partnerships with brands like EA.
  • SonixFox is a well-known FGC legend who is best known for their public battles for LGBTQ allies. They were also voted as the best esports player of the year at the 2018 Video Game Awards.
  • Ewok, the first female to sign with FaZe Clan, who made some huge waves in 2019. Last month, she signed an exclusivity deal with Mixer alongside shroud and Ninja.

The full list: For the complete 30 under 30 list for gaming, check it out here.

2/New League of Legends games are set to come from third-party developers

Riot already announced a myriad games being developed in-house, such as Legends of Runeterra and Teamfight Tactics. Now they’re looking to shake things up a little bit by partnering with proven third-party developers such as Riot Forge.

The opportunity: Riot is looking to build on the League of Legends community. Instead of continuing to develop live service titles that Riot is known for, they’re instead looking to focus on games with conclusions. The goal behind this is to cater to players wanting to engage in the League of Legends universe in different genres and platforms.

3/Stewie2k the first NA player to earn $1 million in tournament earnings

While Stewie2k and his organization Team Liquid ended up taking second against Astralis at the recently-ended ECS Season 8 Finals, this didn’t stop him from hitting an incredible milestone. He has now officially become the first ever North American player to earn $1 million solely in tournament earnings.

Backstory time: Stewie2k got his major breakthrough back in 2016 when he first joined Cloud9. Before that, he played CS:GO with teams like Splyce and SapphireKelownaDotcome, where he enjoyed some domestic success. It was his time at Cloud9 where he reportedly earned more than $400,000 in popular tournaments and the ELEAGUE Boston Major in 2018.

Club placement: He is currently the 6th player in the club of Millionaires, whereas the top 5 are among the Astralis lineup.


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/Epic is hosting $15 million Winter Royale Fortnite Duos tournaments

The news everyone’s been waiting on is finally here: Duos is back. Epic Games posted a blog announcing the Winter Royale tournament which will take place in December. This will consist of three separate tournaments on three different days, so players will have multiple opportunities to take home some major cash.

Tourney deets: Each day of the tournament will have a $5 million prize pool. All server regions are allowed to participate in the event and players of any rank can jump in on the action.

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/Fortnite is a mere 40 billion views behind Minecraft on YouTube in 2019

At the end of each year, YouTube releases a look at the year’s viewings, which shows the most-liked and most-watched videos across multiple categories. Of everything, Fortnite took second place in YouTube’s most-viewed video games category. Who took first place? Well, Minecraft… by a mere 40 billion views.

The contenders: Following Minecraft and Fortnite are RobloxGarena Free Fire, and Grand Theft Auto as the most-streamed games of the year.

The numbers: While Fortnite fell short of first place by a fair bit, it still managed to accrue 60 billion views in 2019. The lead held by Minecraft was more views than any other games in the category received in total.

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  • League of Legends:Here’s the career story of jungler Go “Score” Dong-bin who’s spent the last eight years on the competitive scene.


  • Overwatch: Patch 1.43 goes live next week and introduces some big changes, such as nerfs to shields and hero buffs.
  • MTG: A new set of guidelines is out now regarding how tiebreakers are determined for the upcoming 2020 pro season.


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