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Image via Riot Games

1 / Riot Games finally to develop games other than League of Legends

During Riot Games’ 10th anniversary livestream, they made the major announcement of multiple games in development. Among these are a tactical FPS currently called “Project A,” a management sim, a fighting game, and then a possible MMO.

The big one: The most solid of these announcements was that of League of Legends: Wild Rift. Despite the shared name, this is not a port of the popular PC game. Instead, they rebuilt the game from scratch, effectively using this as an opportunity to make a bunch of improvements to the original game while also making it mobile and console friendly. But it’s still technically the same game.

A rose by any other name is still a rose. Right…?

Wild Rift details

  • Gameplay is entirely redesigned around twin sticks.
  • Cross-play between this and the PC LoL won’t be possible, but may occur between mobile and console versions (no word on which consoles).
  • They expect “around” 40 champions to be available initially.
  • Microtransactions expected to be limited to cosmetic items like skins.
  • Anticipated launch is 2020.

2 / Huge North American let down with Liquid’s failure at Worlds 2019

Despite the elimination of Clutch Gaming and Cloud9, there was some hope for North America with Team Liquid. But they ultimately fell to DAMWON Gaming first, followed by Invictus Gaming, leaving them with a 3-3 record. It ultimately wasn’t enough to get them through to the next round.

According to reasons covered “ad nauseam,” this loss belongs to the region as a whole and not just to NA top seed.

Ad nauseam breakdown

  • In the typical year, at least two out of three NA teams at Worlds get eliminated in groups, if any make it out.
  • The LEC beats LCS at everything from social presence to on-stage product (i.e., players).
  • NA is perceived as stuck focusing on wins over innovation and cannot be seen as on the same level as Europe, China, or South Korea.

3 / Eddie wins Hearthstone Masters Tour Bucharest

Competitive Hearthstone hit a high with the three-day Masters Tour Bucharest over the weekend. After whittling down a field of more than 250 of the best Hearthstone players, it was Canada’s Eddie Lul that took the first place prize of $94,414, in addition to a trophy that almost immediately broke in a rather humorous twist.

Quick summary: Day one entailed five rounds of Swiss competition where the third match loss resulted in elimination for a player. Players with 3+ wins advanced to day two, which featured more rounds of Swiss pairings. The top eight players then advanced to a single-elimination playoff from which Eddie emerged triumphant.

Strategy: Eddie’s decks consisted of Resurrect Priest, Quest Druid, Control Warrior, and Quest Shaman (the latter two being popular choices among competitors in their current meta).

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Fortnite Chapter 2

/Fortnite Champion Series to dole out $5 million prize pool

Chapter 2, Season 1 kicks off this year with a hefty $5 million pool in prizes for competing teams. The previous series last September consisted of teams of three, whereas this competition will take place between four-player squads.

Hopefully there’s a prize this year for rubber banding.

Champion Series schedule

  • Qualifiers start November 1 and last four weeks.
  • Season final (including group stage and grand final) takes place December 6-8.

/Dota 2 Major to be held at DreamHack Leipzig 2020

DreamHack made the announcement of the first Dota 2 Major of 2020 to be held at their gaming and esports event. DreamLeague Season 13 follows the Mars Media’s MDL Chengdu Major in November and will take place in Germany.

Event breakdown

  • Features DreamLeague Season 13, the first Dota Pro Cricuit Major of 2020.
  • Awards a $1 million prize pool across 16 teams, in addition to 15,000 Pro Circuit Points.
  • Takes place January 24-26 of 2020 and also features Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments.

/Call of Duty Challengers becomes the official path to pro

Activision Blizzard just revealed some details surrounding the official amateur competition for the upcoming season, Call of Duty Challengers. This features a prize pool of just north of $1 million split across online and offline tournaments hosted throughout the 2020 season.

The schedule: Registration opens on October 30th, with online ladders launching on November 2nd, and the first online tournament on November 9th.

How it works: Players placing favorably in online tournaments receive “Challenger Points,” which are then used for getting better seeds at offline tournaments.

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Image via Riot Games

/League of Legends Origins feature-length documentary now available

In addition to announcing new games during their 10-year anniversary livestream, Riot Games also announced a feature-length documentary titled League of Legends Origins. This film was made by Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Leslie Iwerks (known for The Pixar Story and Recycled Life).

Movie in summary: The documentary takes you on a trip down memory lane through League of Legends‘ history, from its flawed beginnings to its current position as an esports giant. Some of the story is told by its fans, but also with many insights from Riot’s developers and creators.

Where to look: League of Legends Origins is available for viewing on Netflix and runs 1 hour 17 minutes. Now put that “shared” password account to good use and watch it.


Image via Envy Gaming & KSE

/Call of Duty League teams begin unveiling brands

Several teams have already revealed their team brands for the upcoming Call of Duty League. Envy Gaming’s team is to be known as the Dallas Empire (as found in the official state song of Texas, “Texas, Our Texas”). Kroenke’s Sports & Entertainment franchise will be called the Los Angeles Guerrillas.

This joins last week’s announcement from ReKTGlobal for its London Royal Ravens brand. Nine more teams for the league have yet to announce their franchise branding.

Fingers crossed that Couch Potatoes makes the cut.

What are your suggestions for team names? We’ll post the best ones on Friday along with your name.