Mousesports wins Season 10’s Pro League. This is their first win, making others be blinded by their spotlight for the moment. Read more below.

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1/ESL Pro League season 10 winner crowned

CS:GO Championships are taking the spotlight right now, given that many other esports are in their offseason. There is no spotlight so bright than the one that is shining on the team known as mousesports. This team has just won its first championship, bringing season 10 of the Pro League to a close. The match-up that won them the crown was quick and decisive with a 3-0 win.

Due to their winning the crown, Mousesports are joining the other teams that make up the top 5. The other teams that they join are Astralis, Evil Geniuses, Fnatic, and Liquid. This mousey team has found itself in the amazing position of beating out these other top teams for the title, bringing them to the head of the board and awards stand.

Together, however, these teams will be heading to the Intel Grand Slam 3 tournament. There are two more tournaments that may bring even more diversity to the line-up of the tournament and will have a $1 million prize pool.

2/Riot to examine jungler performance 

While Riot is developing a number of new games, they will always focus on their bread and butter. The preseason is well underway and there are a number of different things in the works. With all the different aspects of League of Legends, there will always be tweaks that need doing.

Riot is looking into the jungler style of play to see if there are any particular adjustments that need to happen. They want to ensure that this method of gameplay is as balanced as it can be before the next season really begins.

Even while Riot focuses on this one style of play, pro teams will not ignore the others. For example, some emphasis will be placed on support characters. Every change is important and may impact other aspects of the team dynamic. 

The patch that will affect these changes is only going to be a server-side change and thus won’t require anything from the players beyond the patience that LoL players are renowned for.

3/First university to develop an esports program

Oakland University has just made history by becoming the very first school in the state of Michigan to develop a fully-functional esports program. To start, the university is spending $100,000 to fully set up the program.

The program is breaking all kinds of records by inviting and recruiting students much like any other sport. The students to make the teams will be on a similar arrangement as any other athlete. Players will have to keep their grades up and maintain an academic focus.


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/SEA medals breakdown

The SEA competition is in full swing and has a couple more days left, but to date, we have nine countries seeking the honor of obtaining medals from six different games. The games in question are Dota 2Mobile LegendsHearthstoneArena of Valor, and StarCraft II. Out of those games, we only have official news on three of them and their medal standings at this time.

Before you read too much: Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Singapore are the countries that are guaranteed a medal of some flavor.

Hearthstone: Malaysia is seemingly guaranteed a silver medal, while they wait to find out if they get the gold when they battle with Thailand’s player. The bronze is going to Singapore.

Mobile Legends: Indonesia is going to get themselves silver or gold, depending on who they take on for the final. Malaysia will battle it out for bronze or gold, as the final against Indonesia all depends on who wins the bout against the Philippines.

StarCraft II: There is a lot happening here in the battle for these medals. Simply put, the Philippines have almost assured bronze, Vietnam is pretty much guaranteed the silver, and Singapore will battle for the gold against the Philippines.

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/UB Tech 2020 and NAECAD work together

The National Association of Esports Coaches and Directors is teaming up with UB Tech to bring a whole new perspective to the institution. They will be providing a number of different sessions for students and attendees to explore.

A couple of different colleges are also joining the fun. Together they will provide a deeper look into college esports. This should all work to help build a stronger community.

The NAECAD is a fairly new group which means that exposure is important and, considering some of their successes in 2019, this 2020 experience is sure to continue to improve their position and purpose.

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/Other Team News

  • League of Legends: Misfits Gaming LEC roster is fully revealed for 2020.
  • League of Legends: Tore joins LEC lineup for Excel Esports as their main support.
  • CS:GO: Cloud9 has to rebuild its roster of players as Gen.G acquired a few key people.
  • Overwatch: Bani is back in Overwatch, though not as a player, but as a coach for Washington Justice.
  • League of Legends: RunAway finds itself a full roster for the 2020 season.
  • League of Legends: Duke becomes the head coach of Team Vitality.
  • Overwatch: Dallas Fuel gives a touching farewell to deamoN who has served as an assistant coach.


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/Tragic loss hits esports

It is never an easy task to deliver any sort of bad news. However, in today’s newsletter, we feel compelled to bid a fond farewell to a beloved player, k0u.

A well-known League of Legends player had his death announced by a fellow teammate. This announcement was confirmed by his team, Giants Gaming. He will most definitely be missed. Lâm “k0u” Tịnh Trì, known to some by Kenneth Dawnix, was just 22 years young and had a long career ahead of him.

The cause of death was not released; however, what matters is that there is now a hole in the hearts of many fans, including us here at SlashShout.

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/More Meta

  • Team Fighting Tactics: new patch leads to all new balancing and some major changes for fans.
  • DOTA 2: Another patch, 7.23c, that delivers new nerfs but makes some characters more viable again. 


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