New look, biggest mobile games, and an Apple gaming machine

We’re starting the New Year off with a new look. But obviously you’re still here just to read about the […]

2019 was a great year for esports, top games of the year, and Fnatic feeling left out

2019 is a year full of powerful esports moments.¬†Join us as we look back on the year. Read more below. […]

High-tech esports facilities, interviews over 2019, and top esports players by total prize winnings

Esports facilities have some of the best tech in the industry. All the better to stream with, my dear. Read more […]

Blizzard issues a ban, League is more complex than Dota, and G2 Esports lineup shifting

Player gets banned for using an aimbot during a tournament. ‘Tis the season? Read more below. / BIG 3 1/Blizzard issues […]

Team Vitality wins another tourney, looking at 2019 in hindsight, and Valve sues an esports organizer

Team Vitality beats mousesports 2-1 at EPICENTER. The two teams traded blows for the first two matches; in the third match, […]

Apex Legends Global Series announced, LoL beats Fortnite on Twitch, and reasons why 2019 didn’t completely stink

There’s now a Global Series for Apex Legends players. But most folks will likely still watch League of Legends on […]

2019 ESPN Esports Awards, Uprising Academy signs the youngest player, and a recap of LCS 2019 season

ESPN is announcing their 2019 Esports Awards this week. Too bad they aren’t giving awards to the youngest signed player, […]

NRG Esports take home victory, CoD: Mobile goes esports, and Riot Games looks to change how video games are seen

Rocket League Season 8 champions are NRG Esports. With fast cars and a little overtime, NRG secured victory. Read more below. […]

The Game Awards winners, Microsoft announces a new Xbox, and the Olympics Committee looks at esports games

We came for shiny little metal people and ended up with a glowing green box. But esports took a few awards […]

Philippines wins two gold medals, Mang0 wins his birthday tournament, and Team Liquid wins Clash Royale

The Philippines won their second esports medal. But I’m sure Mang0 is happy for just winning his birthday tournament. Read more […]

Mousesports wins ESL Pro League, Riot examines junglers, and Oakland University gets an esports program

Mousesports wins Season 10’s Pro League. This is their first win, making others be blinded by their spotlight for the moment. […]

Forbes 30 under 30 video gamers, new League of Legends game in development, and Stewie2k gets $1 million in winnings

Forbes released their 30 under 30 list of video gamers. Everyone else that didn’t make the list is just a regular […]

Riot pays $10 million in lawsuit, Astralis went from one tourney to the next, and the Houston Outlaws have a new owner

Riot Games is planning to pay out $10 million in a settlement. Now take those winnings and get more female presence […]

Astralis Group announces an IPO, PUBG gets a new Mobile tourney, and Telemundo gives more esports coverage

It’s a year of firsts and memories for a lot of the esports world. Astralis Group and Team Vitality are both […]

cvMax’s ban postponed, Overwatch 2 story builds canon, and Fissure fined

After fan backlash, Riot decided to postpone their perma-ban on cvMax. The squeaky wheel, or in this case the government-petitioned wheel […]

Gen.G wins PUBG Global Championship, Dignitas can’t recruit a full team, and Teamfight Tactics gets a tournament

After a hard-fought series of battles, Gen.G comes out as Global Champion of PUBG! It pays to have a full roster, […]

Valve finally patches Dota 2, TNC Predator wins at Chengdu, and mouseports wins CS:GO Asia

Valve is finally releasing new content for Dota 2. TNC Predator is likely to find a non-meta way of dominating further […]

Fines all around!

Griffin is getting hit with fines and bans. It’s a good time to be one of the unremarkable people on […]

PUBG World Championships, China esports hits 100 billion yuan, and CS:GO Asia

The PUBG Global Championship Finals approacheth. Would it have been more profitable if they’d done it in China? Read more […]

It’s award season!

Our Sponsor This year’s Esports Award winners are walking big. Congratulations to everyone that won and maybe next year I’ll […]